Vehicle Lifts in Providence, RI

Take your personal wheelchair or power scooter with you on the go. One of our Wheelchair Vehicle Lifts makes it easy to load and transport your mobility device. It is our goal to help you find solutions to make it easier to go through life despite you or your loved one needing a wheelchair or power scooter. Let our Vehicle Lift do the lifting and loading for you with our simple remote controls. Save your back. Keep your independence and use the lifts to load it yourself when possible. We carry Bruno and Harmar Vehicle Lifts, the two most innovative and respected names in the industry.

Our Rhode Island accessibility professionals can help you find the perfect model for your new or existing car, van, SUV, crossover or truck. It is vital to find a model compatible with your vehicle. We can help you choose a vehicle lift that carries your wheelchair or scooter inside or outside your personal vehicle, depending on your needs and make of car. We carry hoist Vehicle lifts which lift your device up and then swings it inside. Most models allow you to keep your second row seating. Some even allow you to retain your third row seating. The hoist style models allow inside transporting, keeping your device out of the weather while maintaining extra interior space for passengers and gear in your vehicle. The Platform style models are pulled behind your vehicle making it possible for most any make to transport your device.

Our NSM professionals can advise which particular model is the best fit for you. When buying a new car, we can determine if there are any grants available from auto makers to equip with handicap adaptions. Our factory-trained installers can equip your vehicle in a proper way so you can get the most help from your Vehicle Wheelchair Lift. It’s even possible to uninstall and then reinstall in your next vehicle to extend the life of your Vehicle Lift. We also carry special seating to give you easier entrance and exit from your vehicle.

Remember, we are here to serve you and help you discover new solutions to access life with more ease and safety. Call our Providence RI Branch or fill out our Contact form on our website. We look forward to helping you move through life.

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