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National Seating & Mobility offers a wide variety of mobility scooter solutions to residents across the United States. We have showrooms with scooters in stock in many locations as well as an educated inside sales team that can work with you to have a scooter delivered directly to your home. Contact us for a free evaluation.

3 Wheeled Scooters

3 wheeled scooters are basically configured with 2 drive wheels at the back and one wheel at the front used for steering. 3 wheeled scooters provide excellent maneuverability, thanks to the scooter’s lower turning radius which makes them great for indoor use where maneuvering around various obstacles is necessary. While the scooters include anti tip wheels to ensure safety, they aren’t quite as stable as the 4 wheeled scooters. They’re best used on the smooth, level surfaces, and not on the rougher outdoor terrains like gravel or grass. Compared to the 4 wheel models, 3 wheel scooters provide users with more legroom, especially to those who are tall or those who suffer from leg or knee ailments. In addition, 3 wheel scooters are much lighter and cost much less as compared to 4 wheel scooters.

Advantages of 3 wheeled scooters
-A tight turning radius which enables better indoor maneuverability
-Lighter weight than the 4 wheeled scooters
-Lower cost than the 4 wheeled scooters
-Greater legroom

4 Wheeled scooters
4 wheeled scooters provide improved stability as compared to the 3 wheeled scooters, which makes them a much better option for those who plan on regularly driving on the uneven outdoor terrains. 4 wheeled scooters are basically configured like automobiles, with 2 drive wheels on the rear and 2 wheels on the front for steering. Compared to 3 wheeled scooters, 4 wheel models offer excellent stability on all kinds of terrains; outdoor and indoor, by resisting tipping over, even at the top speed, and also safely handling curbs and hills, 4 wheeled scooters stability is great for those who have poor balance.

Because the 4 wheel configuration increases the scooter’s turning radius, the scooter gives up some maneuverability, which makes them much less desirable for indoor use. However, the smaller 4 wheeled scooters still do provide a turning radius which allows users to easily perform most of their indoor functions. 4 wheeled scooters are also a little heavier and they cost a bit more than the 3 wheel units.

Featured Mobility Scooters by NSM

Moving Life ATTO Scooter


ATTO, the smartest high-performance mobility scooter on the market. While the compact folded unit splits in two for easier transport, ATTO comes together to form a robust full-sized vehicle with the best balance and use of space. ATTO’s beauty is in the details, with standard features like a built-in USB charging port, deck storage and adjustable seat heights.

Buzzaround XL Mobility Scooter


The Buzzaround is fun to drive with a tight indoor turning radius so you can go just about anywhere. It’s also so easy to charge and offers all-day range, so you can go further. The Buzzaround even has more leg and foot room for all-day driving comfort. Be safe with the XL’s ultra-bright LED headlight, plus the Buzzaround XL can be easily taken apart into several lightweight pieces. See for yourself just how easy and affordable mobility freedom can be.

Golden Technologies LiteRider Mobility Scooter


The LiteRider family offers full-size benefits in a durable, light, and stylish tubular design. There’s plenty of storage, a new ultra-bright LED headlight, and the longest driving range in the industry. All LiteRider scooters are easy to store upright to fit in any closet. Plus, all models are easy to disassemble so you can go anywhere. Imagine where life will take you on a LiteRider from Golden.


These models have more standard features than any other scooter: a Delta tiller for comfortable hand placement with easy-to-use forward and reverse levers on long trips; our exclusive LiquiCell™ comfort-equipped seat that features six liquid-filled pads to reduce shear and improve comfort hour after hour, day after day.

Heavy Duty

Golden Technologies is proud to offer two unique, heavy duty POVs (personal operating vehicles), ideal for outdoor use! The new Golden Patriot POV features rugged styling, an off road package and a 400 lb. weight capacity. The Golden Avenger is a tried and true “workhorse” of a POV. The Avenger features a 500 lb. weight capacity and is available in Silver and Red.

Zero Turn

Jazzy Zero Turn, providing a sense of independence and versatility like never before. Now, enjoy even more mobility, freedom, and confidence, with the latest innovation from Pride Mobility scooters, Jazzy Zero Turn. High performance, exceptional maneuverability, Jazzy Zero Turn guarantees the ultimately dependability on independence.

Rev 2.0

Tough, rugged, and built to last. The all new Revo 2.0 from Pride Mobility provides the durability of a mid-size with a convenient portability of a travel scooter. A smooth and comfortable ride built with the durability only Pride can offer. With this scooter, you’ll enjoy our patented Comfort-Trac front and rear suspension, giving you superior performance beyond that of other scooters.

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