Outdoor Stair Lift Solutions

Enjoy going outside even when stairs are an obstacle. When outdoor flights of stairs make it impossible to go in or out of your home, or enjoy all parts of your yard—it’s time to consider an outdoor stair lift. If your home is built on a slope or there are multiple levels and you are unable to navigate the stairs, an outdoor stair lift gives a smooth ride in a comfortable safe chair which follows the staircase. Every stair case is unique with its own angle, elevation and distance. Some are straight stairways while others are curved. Some are a single flight while others may have multiple flights. NSM’s  experienced Blue Shirt Professionals will come to your home to evaluate your stairs and help design just the right lift for your particular outdoor setting.

Our outdoor stair lifts by Bruno and Harmar are made to withstand temperatures from 0 to 125 degrees as well as snow, rain and wind. They are set on rails that follow your existing staircase. The chairs fold up to leave the stairs open for normal traffic. Chairs are upholstered with marine grade comfortable material and fitted with seat belts to ensure safety on the ride up and down. The chair has a slow take-off and stop to avoid jerking and pivots at the top and bottom so the rider can simply unbuckle and walk off. They are even equipped with a built-in weather cover for extra protection from the elements.

This is a perfect solution for the mobility challenged adult or child who cannot maneuver stairs. Whether the stairs are to your front door, an outdoor deck or a slope down to a river, lake or lower garden, we can help you find the right outdoor stair lift for your need. NSM, a division of National Seating and Mobility, is committed to helping the mobility challenged to go where they want when they want.

NSM can help you select the appropriate outdoor stair lift for your home

As always, our Blue Shirt professionals come to your home or place of business at no cost to assess which stair lift is right for you. We are dedicated to offering the highest degree of service, installation and advice. Contact us for a free evaluation today.

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