Tri-Fold Portable Wheelchair Ramps


This unique three fold ramp comes in five, six, seven, eight, and ten foot lengths. It is well suited for access at and away from your home. With its skid resistant tape, yellow safety strips, and a self adjusting bottom transition plate, you know that you will always feel secure when using your ramp.

To begin deployment, position the ramp approximately one ramps length away from the step. Face the step, and begin working from the left side of the ramp. Stand the ramp on its side, with the hinged end facing the step. Unfold the top half of the ramp, closest to you, out towards the step. Next, tip the ramp on its side toward you. Lift the unfolded top half of the ramp toward the step, placing the top lip securely on the steps so that it is supporting the weight of the ramp. Then, unfold the second half of the ramps so that both halves are fully extended length wise, with one half lying face down on top of the other. Finally, lift the extended top half of the ramp and set it down on the ground, opening it completely exposing the entire non skid surface. Make sure the ramp is centered.

A convenient feature of the Trifold Advantage Series Ramp is that it can be quickly separated into two individual sections for easy storage and transportation. Simply remove the two hinge pins and the ramps will separate into two lighter individual pieces, each with its own carrying handle.

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