Scooter Lifts For Vehicles – Cars, Trucks & Vans

Now that you have your powered scooter or wheelchair, which lift is right for you? How can you best transport your scooter or wheelchair from place to place? NSM carries two of the best lines of scooter lifts for vehicles Bruno and Hamar. They are both innovators in the industry. One of our Blue Shirt professionals can help you make an educated choice for the best lift for your scooter and present vehicle. We want to help you with the best possible ease of mobility. It is our desire to help you go where you want as much as possible.

Depending on your vehicle, we can install either an inside or outside scooter lift. We have hoist and platform style scooter lifts that allow easy loading and unloading of your heavy or lightweight power scooter. Some styles power the lift with a touch of the button to load your scooter inside a van while others attach to the back of your vehicle. There are models compatible for compact cars, sedans, sport vehicles, hybrids, vans and trucks. We can help you chose a scooter lift that will transfer to your next vehicle. Use our over thirty years of experience to help you know which is the right choice for your scooter, vehicle and needs.

The correct mobility scooter or wheelchair lift can make a world of difference in the amount of freedom and independence you have when you are on the go. It helps both the mobility challenged person and their care-giver by making transportation easier and more enjoyable. A scooter or wheelchair lift can open up a whole new world of experiences from shopping, to the park, to the movies, to church, to travel just by making it easy to lift your scooter or wheelchair onto a lift so you can take it on the go. Contact NSM for a free consultation with no obligation.