Stairlift Installation

If you are looking for a Stairlift for sale, there are some things to consider. A stairlift is a system that helps you or your loved one be able to go effortlessly up and down stairs in your home on your existing staircase. Perhaps the stairs can no longer be navigated, or the time is fast approaching where you know you have to find a solution to the stairs in your multi-level home. There are several great solutions for staircases that have become an obstacle due to accident, illness or aging.

Stairlifts are made up of a low-profile rail system that is placed inconspicuously along the wall or below the rail of your existing staircase. A smooth carriage unit carries a comfortable stylish chair safely up and down your indoor or outdoor stairs. This offers a lovely option to override climbing stairs that can no longer be navigated. A stairlift system can make a difference in you staying in the multi-level home you love and feel comfortable in. It is an easy way to grant access to all areas of your home when stairs are an issue.

A Stairlift can be used to give access to a raised entry, a basement, a second story, an upper deck, a lower garage,  office steps…The applications are as endless as your particular needs. Bruno, Harmar and HandiCare are the best known Stairlift manufacturers. NSM carries all three giving us a wide array of choices for your particular stairs.  The exterior Stairlifts are crafted to endure the elements. We carry units for straight, curved, spiral and multi-landing staircases. They are professionally installed by factory-trained craftsmen.

The chairs are available in your choice of fabrics and colors to complement your style and décor. The seats offer stability, safety and comfort and even fold up when not in use allowing extra room for other foot traffic on your stairs.

Ask about the possibility of Stairlift rentals available for straight stairlift applications. We also have a platform that can transport a wheelchair in use up and down the Stairlift rail system. Check out our Wheelchair elevators, as well. NSM has experienced accessibility professionals ready to assist you in your local area.