Helix Curved Stairlift by Harmar

A custom built curved stair lift that is as unique as its owner. Harmar offers the fastest turnaround times in the industry and delivers on quality, form and function. The Helix has a narrow profile and mounts closer to the wall; hugging the stairway with tighter bends and flowing radius curves. With its slimmer sleeker design, ergonomic seating and premium upholstery you’ll get the comfort you expect. The ride is ultra smooth and whisper quiet.

The Helix by Harmar—it’s not just a curved stair lift with style—it’s a path to independence for customers to remain in their homes, enjoy their families, and be engaged in their communities. A Harmar stair lift—it’s a way of life.

Harmar offers a variety of configurations to fit your stair case and your abilities. Whether that be spiral, multiple turns, or flowing radius curves, we customize your Helix Curved Stair Lift to fit your existing stair case, surrounding area and decor. Many customers choose to extend the rail to take them down a hallway, to a bedroom or simply park it out of the way.

A custom built curved stair lift that has the fastest lead times in the industry. Helix handles stairs with curves and angles with a slimmer, sleeker design. The narrow profile mounts closer to the wall, hugging the stairway with tighter bends and flowing radius curves. The ride is ultra smooth—and whisper quiet!

Ergonomically-designed seat and armrests include premium upholstery. Standard manual swivel and full-fold armrests make entry and exit easier.

  • True-Curve Rail.
  • Smooth, precise bends and turns.
  • Smooth, quiet ride
  • Easy installation. Simple-connect rails, and lighter chassis.
  • Full-fold armrests. Simplifies transfer from a wheelchair and reduces stowed width.
  • Two Wireless remotes included

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