Scalamobil Stair Climber

With Scalamobil, mobile stair climber, using stairs the easy way.  The Scalamobil can be attached to almost all makes of manual wheelchairs by means of a bracket attached to the frame. Before ascending or descending the stairs, the stare climber is simply attached to the wheelchair. The Scalamobil comes with ergonomic and non slip handles and can be particularly well adjusted to suit the operator.

To start, remove the wheels of the wheelchair. Then select the traveling direction and press the ergonomically designed drive switch to activate the climbing mechanism. The Scalamobil incorporates a strong electric motor and can transport a person of over 300 pounds in weight depending on the unit. Minimum effort is required to operate the device. The lifting is done by the machine. Four automatic safety brakes stop the Scalamobil reliably at the edge of each step. The unique patented soft step function enhances comfort for the wheelchair occupant and guarantees a soft and gentle ride.

The Scalamobil can be used indoors or outdoors and caters for a wide selection of stairs, straight, narrow and spiral staircases of any non slip material and of course it protects the surface of your stairs. The Scalamobil can be taken apart in three handy parts and can be easily transported in any vehicle. The battery pack weights only 6 pounds and is efficient for up to 300 steps. In ordered to recharge the battery simply connect the battery charger. Recharging an empty battery takes only three and a half hours.

Among a range of accessories available for Scalamobil is, first and foremost, a battery charger for recharging the battery in the car. The Scalamobil is also available as Scalamobil with an integrated seat. It’s then ideally suitable for narrow staircases and confined spaces or simply when a wheelchair is not needed. It folds up easily too. Free demonstration without obligation.

Can be purchased with integrated seat or bracket to attach to a wheelchair!

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