Back Saver Wheelchair Lift by Bruno

Keep it light and easy. Roll a folded manual wheelchair weighing up to 100 lbs/45kgs on the platform, press the button and it’s raised into place and automatically secured for travel. Designed for manual wheelchairs with 22-inch or larger rear wheels.

Lift and stow a folding manual wheelchair with Bruno’s Back-Saver. Roll the wheelchair on the platform, touch the button, and your wheelchair will be raised into place and automatically secured for travel. Designed to handle 16” and 22” wide folding wheelchairs with 22” or larger wheels.

  • Power up/down platform
  • Self-locking securement
  • Manual backup for peace of mind
  • Potential to reinstall in another applicable vehicle
  • Eligible for auto manufacturer rebate
  • 3-year limited warranty
  • Lifting Capacity: 100 lb (45 kg)
  • Vehicle Type: CUVs, hatchbacks, minivans, pickups, sedans, SUVs, full-size vans
  • Hitch Type: I, II or III (receiver hitch required)

Free, No-Obligation, Vehicle Evaluations

NSM’s team of Blue Shirt Professionals are factory trained by Bruno to evaluate and install the various Bruno vehicle lifts and transfer lifts for cars, trucks, SUVS and vans. The Back Saver is the perfect solution for transporting traditional standard folding wheelchairs via your vehicle. Other solutions are also available that may meet your unique needs. Our representative are factory trained by Bruno offering the industry’s highest standard of quality installation. We offer free, no-obligation, vehicle evaluations to help determine the most appropriate vehicle lift solution to meet your unique needs. Call us or fill out the form below to set up an appointment with one of our team members today!

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