Curb Sider by Bruno

Bruno’s most popular interior lift, the Curb-Sider, power raises and rotates your mobility device inside an SUV, crossover, or van with ease. The Curb-Sider is one of Bruno’s most highly sought after solutions for pickup trucks. With its compact design, the Curb-Sider takes up only a small corner of your cargo area to preserve maximum seating and storage. Fold down the lift head when your scooter or power chair is not present, and the Curb-Sider is even more sleek, allowing for good rear view visibility.

If you change vehicles or mobility devices in the future, it’s likely your Curb-Sider can be adjusted to fit your new vehicle and/or mobility device. It’s this versatility and its ease of use that make the Curb-Sider a favorite. To use a Curb-Sider, simply stand by the curb or rear bumper of the vehicle and attach the custom docking device to your scooter or power chair. Push the button, and the Curb-Sider power raises and rotates the mobility device inside your vehicle. You need only to gently guide it into position for storage. Once the scooter or power chair is inside your vehicle, just press the button to lower it to the floor, and the docking device stays in place during transit.

A heavy duty Curb-Sider is available to lift mobility scooters or power wheelchairs weighing up to 400 pounds or 181 kilograms, and a telescoping lift arm version provides additional extension to help large mobility devices clear bumpers and load in smaller vehicle openings. Bruno’s unique back off device easily removes the back of select scooters or power chairs to make loading the mobility device into smaller openings possible. The Curb-Sider’s optional weather resistant hand control is ideal for owners of pickup trucks.

Count on Bruno’s Curb-Sider to give you the freedom to hit the road.

  • Lifts mobility scooters, power wheelchairs, manual wheelchairs
  • Power lifting, lowering, rotating for effortless operation
  • Offset post design allows loading of mobility device from side of vehicle
  • Telescoping version provides additional extension to clear bumpers and load wide mobility devices in smaller openings (VSL-6900)
  • Fold-down lift head allows partial 3rd row seating or extra space when mobility device is not present (optional quick release pins required)
  • Vehicle-specific bases for precise installation
  • Passenger or optional driver side placement
  • Potential to reinstall in another applicable vehicle
  • Potentially eligible for auto manufacturer rebate
  • 3 year limited warranty
  • Lift Capacity: 250 lb (114 kg) heavy duty: 400 lb (181 kg)
  • Vehicle Type: CUVs, hatchbacks, minvans, pickups, SUVs, full-size vans

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