3-Gate Vertical Platform Lift by Bruno

Bruno’s 3-gate (Toe-guard) lower enclosure vertical platform lift provides a full barrier at the lower landing with no access under the lift for maximum safety.  Access up to 53 inches with a quiet, smooth ACME screw-driven DC motor with continuous charge battery operation for performance even in power outages.

Bruno’s enclosed vertical platform lift is selfcontained, lightweight and easy to install — no hoistway/shaftway construction needed. Aesthetically-pleasing with full size Plexiglass door and panel inserts, Bruno’s enclosed vertical platform wheelchair lift combines an attractive design, dependable performance and ADA compliance. Access up to 14 ft.

The 3-gate (toe guard) lower enclosure system provides a full barrier at the lower landing with no access under the lift for maximum safety. Like all Bruno VPLs, the 3-gate is driven by a reliable, quiet ACME screw-driven DC motor with fulltime battery operation for access even during power outages. Access up to 53 in.

The unenclosed vertical platform lift is an affordable, space saving solution for ADA compliance that is often used for providing access to stages, porches or short distances. Check to ensure a standard unenclosed platform lift is allowable under local code. Access up to 60 in.

Bruno’s shaftway VPL is placed inside a shaftway (also known as a hoistway) built by others. The
shaftway VPL includes a drive mast, passenger platform, doors and gates. Access up to 14 ft.

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