Passport Vertical Platform Lift for Wheelchairs by EZ-Access

The PASSPORT® Vertical Platform Lift takes safe access to the next level, providing a quiet, smooth ride to your next destination. This Vertical Platform Lift is used most commonly for individuals with limited mobility and is the perfect solution for any difficult pathway, porch, or platform. The PASSPORT features durable aluminum construction and is the lightest residential platform lift on the market, weighing an estimated 300 pounds lighter than comparable steel units. This Vertical Platform Lift features Plug-N-Play Wiring Technology, which makes it the preferred lift of installers and technicians. The PASSPORT is ETL certified, independently tested and approved for product safety.

Lightest VPL on the market
• 52” straight: 361 lbs. | 52” turn: 353 lbs. | 72” straight: 392 lbs. | 72” turn: 384 lbs.
• All-aluminum structure
• 52” and 72” lifting heights with straight, turn, or dual access platforms
• 10 FPM (feet per minute) maximum speed
• 750 lb. weight capacity
• ETL certified – independently tested and approved for product safety

The PASSPORT, known on the market as the lightest residential platform lift available, weighs in at less than 400 pounds, with multiple lifting heights and platform configurations to fit your unique requirements.

The platform tower and gate are both prewired with automotive-style connectors that are waterproof and will not corrode. Our Plug-N-Play wiring technology makes the PASSPORT user-friendly, low-maintenance, and the preferred lift of technicians and installers.

The PASSPORT is fully DC powered. On battery power alone, the lift can complete approximately 30 complete cycles, even fully-loaded.

The PASSPORT has been tested and approved by a national accredited testing laboratory, assuring continued compliance with the applicable regulatory and safety standards throughout North America. The ETL Certification Mark is recognized and accepted proof of third-party inspection, testing, and certification.

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