Wheelchair Residential Platform Home and Porch Lift by Bruno

Bruno Independent Living Aids has long been a leader in residential accessibility. Our stair lifts are recognized for their engineering, design and performance. Now, a fine new product for your independence has arrived: The Vertical Platform Lift by Bruno. Simple, safe and durable. The VPL-3100 makes your porch or deck totally accessible no matter what kind of mobility device you use. Garage entry ways, motor home access, even inside your house, this wonderful product has innumerable applications, and with a 750 power lifting capacity, it provide peace of mind and unsurpassed reliability.

The Bruno name has always meant trust. The vertical platform lift extends that promise to another category of solutions. Safety has been designed into every element and aspect of this superb lifting product. The automatic self-lowering folding ramp serves as a convenient entrance when the unit is parked in the down position and a rigid safety enclosure in the up position. The entire steel bottom of the platform is spring sensitive shutting the unit down instantly if an obstruction is encountered.

Operation of the vertical platform lift couldn’t be more simple. Whether protecting controls on the unit feature a key switch for activation and separate up and down push buttons. The red emergency stop switch is prominent and immediate: push to stop, pull to reset.

For additional security and ease of operation, optional keyed, call, send controls can be positioned near the bottom and top entrances. Bring the platform up or down for your use. This is particularly handy if more than one person in the family will be utilizing the lift.

Another popular option is the top landing gate that includes a mechanical interlock, which is released only when the platform is at the top landing. Maximum floor-to-floor height with the vertical platform lift can range from 53 inches to 75 inches depending on model.

With Solenoid actuated braking at the landing for smooth comfortable stopping, the welded steel VPL-3100 is an affordable wonder, solid and powerful, graceful and amazingly quiet. Another perfect solution for your home accessibility needs from Bruno, making your life easier.

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