WHILL Power Wheelchair

The WHILL is revolutionizing mobility for those who depend on a wheelchair or powered scooter to go through life. The sleek innovative design of this new Intelligent Personal Electronic Vehicle (EV) is compact, making it easier than ever to maneuver in crowded places. Testimonies abound of users who are discovering new freedom from going far more places on their own. The Whill turns on a very tight radius giving access to more areas than ever before in the home, public places and even outdoors. The all-terrain wheels not only incorporate all-directional drive—but the omni wheel design helps it turn on a dime, hike uphill and move about in small spaces.

People of all ages with various injuries, disabilities or limitations are thrilled as soon as they test drive the WHILL. They are able to drive their EV right up into their van and go to grandkids’ ballgames, to parks, shopping, fishing and to restaurants. The WHILL gives them a new confidence due to its unmatched function and its futuristic appearance. There is far less mechanical bulk as in the power scooters. The small size of the WHILL allows everyone to see more of the person and less of the chair. Yet the seating is both comfortable and adaptive to each person. The arms are designed to simply glide out of the way to allow easy transfer from the WHILL to seats in your favorite dining establishments. The seat even moves forward so you can better adjust under tables, desks or simply for better reach.

There is even an I-phone app that allows you to control the latest technology of the WHILL. The battery has a 12-15 mile range of life before recharging is needed. NSMis proud to be the exclusive national dealer of this state of the art Personal Electronic Vehicle that incorporates service and style.

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WHILL Overview Video

Introducing the all new WHILL Model Ci Personal EV


The WHILL Model Ci is a revolutionary approach to power mobility that uniquely boosts user confidence and evokes an active, can-do lifestyle. Its premium performance and superb engineering provides versatility and reliability to experience all-day adventures. More info…

WHILL Power Wheelchair Features

WHILL Power Wheelchairs

WHILL Power Wheelchair Design

Through ingenuity and intelligent design, WHILL created a functionally balanced personal mobility device that thrills drivers. It makes you feel empowered, and eager to take on every opportunity life offers.

WHILL Power Wheelchair For Outdoors

WHILL Outdoors

Whether travelling across uneven surfaces, or navigating down steep terrain, the Model A always keeps you in control. And our powerful electromagnetic brakes allow you to stop safely, even on an incline.

WHILL Indoors

WHILL’s unique power sliding seat allows you to pull right up to tables and desks and slide forward to the perfect, comfortable position. Swing away arms and a folding footrest make it easy to step in and out of Model A.

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