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The AccessNSM electric stairlift models shown here were selected using three decades of stairlift installation experience. With soft-start and soft-stops, easy-to-use controls and rechargeable batteries, our systems provide the highest levels of safety, reliability and durability.
Our trained team of technicians and skilled customer service professionals provide free in-home evaluations with fast installations. Posted below, you’ll see our most popular models. We invite you to browse at will. When any particular lift catches your eye, just click any photo to see more information about that particular model.

Savaria — K2
The Savaria K2 straight stairlift features the most compact folded depth on the market, keeping your stairs clear when the lift is not in use. Smooth-riding with a comfortable seat, the K2 transports you over the barrier of stairs, giving you the freedom to stay in the home you love. With a 300lb capacity and adjustable arm width, the K2 is well-suited to a wide range of comfort needs. Obstruction sensors, a retractable seat belt and overspeed governor all provide added safety features. Click for more about our Savaria K2

K2Folded AccessNSM StairLifts

Indoor Straight Rail Stairlift — LINCOLN
AccessNSM’s Straight Rail LINCOLN Stairlift offers a great combination of features and value. A reliable and safe stairway chairlift, with slim European styling, the LINCOLN is internationally famous for its smooth staircase glide.
Transit is controlled by easy-to-use paddle-button style controls and wireless remote controls. The stairlift’s compact size uses minimal space when folded, leaving ample stairway room when not in use.Click for more about our Indoor Straight Rail Stairlift — LINCOLN

BrooksLincolnSraightT AccessNSM StairLifts

Value Line Elan Indoor Straight Rail Stairlift — SRE-3000
AccessNSM’s Value Line Elan Indoor Straight Rail Stairlift SRE-3000 delivers safety, performance and ease-of-use. The neutral tan seat/arm color of these rugged, dependable stairlifts complement any almost any interior décor.
The innovative SRE-3000 design also includes many standard features found on top-of-the-line stairlifts. Priced to please the most budget-minded customers, the SRE-3000 ranks among the home accessibility market’s top, top value stairlifts.Click for more about our Value Line Elan Indoor Straight Rail Stairlift — SRE-3000

BrunoElanStraightRailSRE3000T AccessNSM StairLifts

Custom Curved Rail Stairlift — CRE-2110
AccesssNSM’s Custom Curved Rail Stairlift CRE-2110 features a safe, durable design that installs on virtually all curved stairways. Leading-edge technology assures complete stability as you move up and down the staircase and inside turns, with a smooth and quiet ride.
Comfortable and dependable, these curved stairlifts can operate even during power outages. CRE-2110 stairlifts offer the flexibility of installation on either side of the staircase.Click for more about our Custom Curved Rail Stairlift — CRE-2110

BrunoElanCurvedStairlift2110T AccessNSM StairLifts

Elite Indoor Straight Rail Stairlift — SRE-2010
AccessNSM’s Elite Indoor Straight Rail Stairlift SRE-2010 delivers exceptional performance from a streamlined, compact design. This lifts’ rack-and-pinion drive system also ensures ultra-smooth ride without Start/Stop hesitation.
Through a superb rail design and clamping system, our SRE-2010 offers unrivaled safety. The SRE-2010’s superb craftsmanship sets new industry standards for style and sophistication in residential accessibility.Click for more about our Elite Indoor Straight Rail Stairlift — SRE-2010

BrunoStaightIndoorSRE-2010T AccessNSM StairLifts

Indoor / Outdoor Curved Stairlift — HW10
AccessNSM’s Model HW10 curved stairlifts are intended for both exterior or interior use and are installed in a durable, powder-coat finish color. Designed for the steepest stairs, with up to 75° gradients, these durable German-built curved stairlifts are available in over 200x RAL color options.
Our rugged HW10 stairlifts are tested and confirmed for use in temperatures from 0°F-125°F, to provide the accessibility, reliability, safety and quality you require.Click for more about our Indoor / Outdoor Curved Stairlift — HW10

Hawlie-10T AccessNSM StairLifts

Outdoor Elite Straight Rail Stairlift — SRE-2010E
The AccessNSM Outdoor Elite Straight Rail Stairlift — SRE-2010E is specifically designed for exterior use and provides you with quality, comfort and convenience.
Custom built in Wisconsin, specifically for your home, our SRE-2010E is reliable, safe, durable, tested for all-weather use and operational in temperatures from 0°F-125°F. This outdoor stairlift can withstand exterior environments, while ensuring easy and safe outdoor access.Click for more about our Outdoor Elite Straight Rail Stairlift — SRE-2010E

BrunoOutdoorEliteSRE-2100eT AccessNSM StairLifts

Straight Staircase Stairlift — SL-1000
With an extra-comfort seat, adjustable width arms and high capacity, the AccessNSM SL-1000 is designed for straight stairs across residential applications.
Constant-charge battery operation allows it to operate, even through a power failure. Via onboard control or remote controllers, the SL-1000 stairlift’s onboard diagnostic display alerts you of any service issues. The SL-1000 offers quick and easy install.Click for more about our Straight Staircase Stairlift — SL-1000

StraightStaircaseStairliftSL1000T AccessNSM StairLifts

Custom Curved Stairlift — STAIRFRIEND
With specialized design software and computer-aided photo measuring, AccessNSM’s Custom Curved Stairlift — STAIRFRIEND is truly customized to your home and staircase.
Our STAIRFRIEND stairlifts can be installed on nearly any staircase design, and are ideal for curved stairways. Homes with turns and mid-way landings, or where “out-of-the-way” parking is needed, are a also a perfect match for your STAIRFRIEND.Click for more about our Custom Curved Stairlift — STAIRFRIEND

SavariaStairFriendwVSeatT AccessNSM StairLifts

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