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AccessNSM, a division of National Seating and Mobility, believes you deserve full access to your home, and everywhere else for that matter. This includes stairlifts, wheelchair lifts, vehicle lifts and the other allied products that comfortably and safely extend your mobility.

As America’s fastest growing accessibility company, AccessNSM is your one-stop accessibility resource, dedicated to service and support. We stock a full line of accessibility products, across all price points.

During thirty years of service, we’ve installed thousands of stairlifts in homes, businesses and public places. From vehicle lifts to bathroom access to wheelchair ramps, we help you maintain independence at home, and on the road. AccessNSM offers indoor and outdoor stairlift and wheelchair lift models to accommodate staircases that are straight and stairs with turns, spirals or bends

We carry a full line of stairway lifts and vehicle lifts to match virtually every customer’s need. All AccessNSM services, from site survey consultation to installation are provided by our trained, top-shelf Blue Shirt professionals.  Contact a branch today for a free evaluation.

AccessNSM Accessibility Solutions


The AccessNSM electric stairlift models shown here were selected using three decades of stairlift installation experience. With soft-start and soft-stops, easy-to-use controls and rechargeable batteries, our systems provide the highest levels of safety, reliability and durability.

Wheelchair Ramps

AccessNSM provides a variety of scooter and wheelchair ramps for home and commercial applications. With three different price points, our modular ramps can be configured to your exact installation requirements, with options and features that best fit your needs. We offer fast installation, usually within 2-5 days. Rush installs are also available.

Vehicle Lifts

Mobility, away from home, is the essence of personal freedom. Since 1980, AccessNSM professionals have helped thousands of people maintain their away-from-home independence. We offer a wide array of wheelchair and scooter vehicle lifts to help you transport your mobility device with your vehicle.

Patient Lifts

The ideal solution to assist in lifting and transferring a patient or resident with mobility challenges, often where space is limited. We offer a complete range of overhead and floor lift product solutions.

Lift Chairs

If you’re searching for a lift chair that is stylish, comfortable and reliable, look no further than Access NSM. Our lift chairs are designed to be a functional and fashionable part of your home decor. Each lift chair is built for quality and reliability, so you can enjoy it worry-free for many years to come.

Door Openers

At the touch of a button, AccessNSM’s Open Sesame Automatic Door Opener provides total independence to enter and exit a residential or public/light commercial door (which can be for an elevator, lift or gate).

Bathroom Access

AccessNSM’s experienced staff specialize in bathroom modification and transfer solutions. Our full line of bathroom aids improve user independence and mobility, while often maximizing bathroom privacy. When using these systems and products, both caregivers and users benefit from less stressful transfer routines.

Wheelchair Platform Lifts

Whether you need access for indoor or outdoor applications, AccessNSM’s vertical and inclined wheelchair platform lifts provide safe, economical and space-effective solutions to accessibility barriers. When properly installed in residential and commercial settings, our wheelchair lifts all conform with ADA requirements and ANSI A18.1 guidelines.

July Featured Stairlift Video

We move you and help you stay in your home.
Our business focus is on products that help you move, and specifically on the “things that move you”, including Stairlifts, Wheelchair Platform Lifts and Vehicle Lifts. Almost hourly, someone asks us the difference between this type lift and that type lift. We hope the following explanation helps.

What exactly is a Stairlift?
“Stairlift” is a common industry term, but are known by various terms including: Stairway Lift, Stairway Chair Lift,Chair Lift for Stairs, Stair Chair, Stairway Chair, Stairlift Chair.

Regardless of the terms, these phrases accurately describe stairlift function, to lift or transport a user up and down a staircase. Any home with stairs can accept a stairlift installation. Each AccessNSM stairlift has three basic components, the chair, a rail the chair moves on and a motor mounted in an under-chair compartment. Our stairlifts are electrically powered, with a standard 3-prong 110 VAC, 15amp outlet. Rechargeable batteries allow your lift to operate even during a power outage.

What is a Wheelchair Lift — aka Vertical Platform Lift (VPL)?
Also known as Vertical Platform lifts (VPLs), Wheelchair Lifts provide the same basic up-down function as stairlifts, but are designed to move people while in their wheelchairs. With a broad base to service wheelchairs and scooters, VPLs are common as both interior and exterior accessibility solutions.

What about a Vehicle Lift?
Vehicle Lifts are an class of assistive automotive accessories used to help you get your wheelchair and scooters in and out of cars, trucks and vans etc.

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