360 Degree Complete Solution To Your Accessibility Needs

360 Degree Complete Solution

NSM, a division of National Seating and Mobility, understands the needs of wheelchair and mobility scooter users as well as those with limited mobility more than any other accessibility solution provider in the industry. We have provided hundreds of thousands of complex rehab products such as power and manual wheelchairs to consumers across the United States. Evaluating consumers for high end power and manual mobility products is only the first step in gaining independence. Our focus is to provide home and vehicle accessibility solutions for those who are preparing to receive their new mobility device as well as those who have existing access challenges. NSM offers a 360 Degree Complete Solution for our customers by providing the perfect accessibility products for each individual’s unique needs.

NSM Accessibility Solutions


Meet Gill and Paulette Tucker. They just celebrated their 46th wedding anniversary in the hospital after Gill had a stroke. It’s the last place anyone wants to go for a romantic evening, and now Gill has been confined to a wheelchair for the foreseeable future. He and Paulette are stressed and anxious about the whole ordeal, but the anxiety didn’t set in fully until they got home. Trying to maneuver the wheelchair into and around the house presented a whole new set of problems they didn’t think about before.

But, fortunately, NSM had the solutions to every obstacle in their path. Gabriel, their personal NSM tech, worked with them through every issue, finding the right products for their specific needs every step of the way. Finally, here was someone who understood what they were going through.

Wheelchair Lifts for Vans

The first hurdle was just getting out of the van and into the house. Their front door has three small steps, easy for either of them handle, but not in a wheelchair. They needed a ramp, and a lift for their van. Gabriel helped them find a sleek looking ramp and the right lift for their vehicle to make their daily comings and goings seamless.

Wheelchair Ramps for Homes

Then, of course, there were the stairs. Gill had always loved the pine staircase in his New England colonial. Now, he stared at them with dread.  They would need a stair lift. With Gabriel, they picked out a stair lift that was comfortable and smooth, with a flip up seat and armrest and swivel chair for easier entry and exit. It even matched Paulette’s meticulous décor.

Stairlifts for Homes

But even with a stair lift, there were still major problems for Gill around the house, like the bathroom. While Gill was still able to walk a small amount, the bathtub wall was just too tall to get over. Even with Paulette helping him, the strain was too much and too dangerous. It seemed like bathing and showers were off limits, too. But Gabriel proposed putting in a walk-in tub door for easy access. Gill could safely make it into the shower and the shower seat.

Accessible Bath Tubs for Homes

However, with his wheelchair, moving around the house from room to room was a hassle. Most of the rooms in their home had heavy doors, so Paulette needed to open and move Gill everywhere he went. He hated the strain this put on his wife, and he yearned for a bit more independence to move about. The doors blocked his way at every turn. But Gabriel and NSM had it covered. They installed a few open sesame automatic door openers that opened, paused, and closed the door automatically. Easy.

Door Openers for Homes

When Gill and Paulette first got home, the access restrictions made so many things feel off limits. The house where they had raised three children felt like a cold, impassible fortress. Thanks to Gabriel, Gill and Paulette’s home magically transformed back into the comforting home they remembered.

At NSM, we know you need more than just going up and down the stairs. We work with you personally to address the full array of your access and mobility needs. With accessibility throughout the home, Gill was now able to overcome every obstacle and life as normally as he had before.

Because of the knowledge and understanding from NSM, the Tuckers can stay in their home, aging in place, avoiding the prospect of a retirement home. Now, Gill and Paulette are smiling again because they both can move about easily.

Empowering you to live your life. That’s what NSM is all about.