Interior Vehicle Lifts

4 Types of Interior Vehicle Lifts

Interior Vehicle Lifts

If loading and unloading your wheelchair or power scooter is a huge issue, we have a great solution. You can save your back, have more independence and easily load and transport your mobility device. There are some amazing models of Interior Vehicle Lifts crafted with ease of accessibility in mind. They do the lifting and storing inside your vehicle. Keep your device out of the weather. Let the powered lift do the hard work. It makes it simple to run errands, go on road trips, or go wherever you want when you want. That’s real accessibility!  Check out these four styles of Interior Vehicle Lifts that are controlled by the touch of a button:

Compact Lifter

Lifter by Bruno for Mobility Scooters

This compact Lifter makes it easy to lift and store your manual or power wheelchair or scooter. The arm swings out to grab the device and store it folded down in a trunk of a car or hatchback. There are also compact lifts for trucks, vans and SUVs.

Big Lifter

Big Lift Scooter Lift Bruno

Count on Bruno’s Big-Lifter for affordable reliability. Press a button and the hoist-style lift raises your scooter or powerchair. Since you manually rotate and guide your mobility device into your vehicle, a caregiver is often needed to guide it, and you’re ready to go. Works well with hatchbacks, trucks, SUVs, Vans and mini vans.

Curb Sider

Curb Sider by Bruno

One of the most popular and versatile fully powered interior lifts, the Curb-Sider,  raises and rotates your mobility device inside an SUV, crossover, or van with ease. The Curb-Sider is one of the most highly sought after solutions for pickup trucks. With its compact design, the Curb-Sider takes only a small corner of your cargo area to keep maximum seating and storage. Fold down the lift head when your mobility device is not present, and the Curb-Sider is even sleeker, allowing for good rear visibility.

Joey Lifts

Joey Lift by Bruno

The easiest interior Vehicle lift, the Joey, was designed for vans, Cross-overs and SUVs, you simply drive your device onto the platform, push the button and the lift retracts inside the cargo area. You are ready to go.

Contact one of our Accessibility professionals to see which type of Interior Vehicle Lift best suits your needs and vehicle. Learn more about the safety, warranties and capabilities of each type. See if you  are eligible for an auto manufacture rebate.

Advantages of Trifold and Single Fold Portable Wheelchair Ramps

Advantages of Trifold and Single Fold Portable Wheelchair Ramps

Advantages of Trifold and Single Fold Portable Wheelchair Ramps

The advantages of having a portable ramp are as many as the different applications you will use it for. It is definitely one of the most versatile accessibility products available. They fold out to give you safe access wherever you go. The ramps simply fold up suitcase style to offer easy transport and storage of the ramp. Take it with you wherever you go in your vehicle. You never know what situations you will get into where you need a ramp and one is not available (like a curb or inaccessible steps at a friend’s home, doctor visit, shopping, park, movie, church…) They can handle the heavy weight of a power scooter,  motorcycle or two people and a mobility device.

SUITCASE Graphite Fiber ramp

Single Fold Wheelchair Ramp

You need to consult your Accessibility professional to determine which size foldable handicap ramp you need, and which length is best for you. The trifold sections can be folded out three times for easy storage, or be easily split into two folded sections for lighter transport. The single fold ramps come in shorter lengths and require only one fold. The all have a suitcase style handle to carry them with. They are durable, have non-skid surfaces and can be semi-permanently staked into place or used for many other purposes such as listed:

  • To easily access wheelchairs or scooters in and out of vans or minivans.
  • Take them when riding in a non-equipped vehicle.
  • To make your home accessible when a friend or relative is visiting.
  • To take with you when visiting a family or friend’s home that is not accessible.
  • Many have used these portable ramps for access ramps for mowers, four wheelers and motorcycles into a shed or the back of a truck or trailer.
  • To grant access up/down a back porch or front entrance.
  • To give safe easy access into a lower garage.
  • To give temporary access anywhere you go.
Tri-Fold Wheelchair Ramp

Tri-Fold Wheelchair Ramp

Ask your Accessibility Professional to help you find the perfect size for your particular needs. Ask about the warranty. Find out how taking a portable ramp with you opens up your world to whatever situation that is before you.

Take Your Accessibility Wherever You Go

Take Your Accessibility Wherever You Go

Take Your Accessibility Wherever You Go

The United States has come a long way in making more places accessible for those with mobility challenges. People who depend on wheelchairs, power scooters, walkers, canes or who are unable to navigate stairs due to age or health are still finding many places they cannot access. Now you can take your accessibility with you wherever you go. There are a lot of foldable and portable ramps that you can keep stored in your vehicle so you are always ready to go even if there is not a handicap ramp in place. Maybe it is to go visit a friend or relative’s home that is not accessible—or a park, restaurant, office, shop—anywhere that does not have an accessibility ramp. Riding in a friend’s vehicle? Don’t let that stop you! Just bring your own ramp!

Single Fold Portable Ramps

SUITCASE Graphite Fiber ramp

These Single Fold ramps bridge the gap over steps, curbs and raised landings. The 5ft and 6ft ramps can also double as ramps to enter and exit most minivans. Simply unfold the hinged ramp. Position for maximum safety and support, or fold in half and carry like a suitcase. Take it with you for whenever you need it.

Tri-Fold Portable Wheelchair Ramps

Trifold Wheelchair Ramp

The Tri-fold® Advantage Series ramp, with its unique 3-fold design, provides the length required for wheelchairs and scooters to easily access steps, vehicles and raised landings. They can be carried as a set, or quickly separated into two individual sections – making it even easier to use, carry and store. The Trifold Ramp is available in 5, 6,7, 8 and 10 ft lengths. Easy to store in your vehicle so you have it when you need it.

Threshold Scooter & Wheelchair Ramps


Threshold ramps are a small lightweight, durable and modular ramp designed for doorways, sliding glass doors and raised landings. One can be used by itself or two can be combined to allow for passage over raised areas. These mobility ramps are both great for scooters and wheelchairs. They are small enough to move from door to door or take along with you on an errand or a road trip.

Contact one of our professional accessibility professionals to see which portable ramp will meet your needs!

Gifts Ideas for mobility challenged

Gift Ideas for the Mobility Challenged

Gifts Ideas for mobility challenged

Looking for the perfect Christmas gift that could truly aide in greater independence, safety and accessibility for someone you love who has challenges moving freely through life? Maybe your loved one is in a wheelchair or power scooter uses a walker or cane. Perhaps they are simply growing older and need a little help moving about. Maybe their disability has left them with a lack of mobility due to a stroke, heart issues, traumatic injury, genetic disability, or from a progressive disease.  Here is a list of possible gift ideas:

Automatic Door Opener 

Door Opener Wall Switches

Installed in your home to make entry and exit easy as a push of a button.



Can be installed on your existing indoor or outdoor staircase to give a power ride up and downstairs

Power Lift Chair 

Lift Chair

A multi-positioning recliner that comes in up to 10 sizes that lets the user change positions with an easy control from sitting, napping, lying flat, watching TV, to assist in standing. Give them their new favorite chair.

Wheelchair Ramps 

Wheelchair Ramps

Come in various materials to give independent access anywhere there is a change in elevation.

Portable Ramps 

Portable Ramp

Can be folded and taken with you to provide access where there is no permanent ramp.

Wheelchair Vertical Platform Lift 

Platform Lift

A mini wheelchair elevator that can be installed in your home to access another level inside or outside.

Valet Seat

Valet Seat for Trucks

A power lift seat that lowers and swivels to aide in entering a vehicle.

Walk in Tub


There are various models that allow safe independent access to showering or bathing. Give the gift of privacy and independence. There is even a Safeway Walk-in Door that can add a door to your existing tub.

Bath Safety Products

Grab Bars

Grab bars, sliding shower chairs and toilet seats all make thoughtful gifts to make the bathroom safer and more private.

Transportable Commode/Shower Chair 


For the person on the go, this foldable chair can double as a shower chair or commode that travels.

Stocking Stuffers

Reacher or grabber, bedside tray, a hanging organizer for wheelchair or powerlift chair.

Remember that your loved one will not only enjoy the gift that adds to their independence and accessibility, but they will treasure time with you.

BraunAbility Valet Seat

Transfer Independently from Wheelchair to Vehicle with a Valet Seat

BraunAbility Valet Seat

When it has become more difficult to transfer in or out of your vehicle, the Valet Seat is a perfect solution. Perhaps you have a special needs child who is growing and you are endangering your back by lifting, or you or your loved one needs assistance getting in or out of the vehicle. The Valet Seat can easily be installed in your new or existing car, SUV, van, or truck on the passenger or driver side. The touch of a button controls this beautiful powered seat which can swivel out and lower to grant safe exit or lift for entry for the driver or passenger. It can hold up to a 330 lb adult.

Your factory installed seat can be removed and stored untouched so it can be replaced when you are ready to sell your vehicle. You can even reinstall the Valet Seat in your next applicable vehicle. The power settings allow it to recline or slide forward or backward for more comfortable personalized seating. The Valet Seat has armrests and footrests and you can even add heated seats for extra comfort.

Choose from a variety of colors to match your vehicle interior. The Valet seating meets all safety standards including child safety codes. It can be matched with available vehicle lifts to make it easier to load wheelchairs and power scooters. Check into these available models of the Valet Seat:

Valet Plus

Valet Plus

Get in and out of higher vehicles effortlessly. The Valet Plus seat rotates, extends and lowers to your individual needs.

Valet Limited

Valet Seat Limited

Your luxury ride begins even before entering your vehicle. The Premium Valet Limited offers more standard power features than any turning vehicle seat available. And the sleek appearance is second to none.

Valet LV

Valet Seat LV by Bruno

Rotate and slide your car seat. Get in and out of your sedan with ease with the Valet LV turning car seat. Featuring the comfort, durability and good looks of the Valet Signature Seating line, the Valet LV power rotates at a push of a button and manually slides beyond the door frame to make traveling easier than ever.

Contact your Accessibility Professional to ensure you choose the correct Valet Seat for your vehicle and needs.

Wheelchair Lifts for SUVs

3 Types of Exterior Vehicle Lifts for Wheelchairs and Scooters

Are you overwhelmed by the choices of Vehicle Lifts for your wheelchair or Power Scooter? Let’s see if we can clear up some of the confusion. Exterior Lifts ride on the outside of your vehicle as opposed to inside. Some of the benefits of using an Exterior Vehicle Lift is that it can be mounted or pulled outside, leaving more room inside your automobile. It is usually less expensive since it doesn’t require installing extra wiring to your car. It is simple to use as you just roll your mobility device on, lock in place and use the control to lift in place.  Let’s take a look at three different types of Exterior Vehicle Lifts:

Wheelchair Lifts For Cars or Sedans

Bruno Chariot

Carry your own personal wheelchair or power scooter with you wherever you go. Just wheel onto the platform and your mobility device rises in place so you can pull it on a little trailer behind your car. The outside is hitched and pulled, leaving all the interior space of your vehicle free.  These vehicle Lifts often can grant independent use in loading and unloading. Make it easy to take your wheelchair or scooter to the store, doctor or on a road trip. There is also a simple power lift to carry a folded manual wheelchair outside your car without breaking your back trying to get it in the trunk. Harmar and Bruno both offer models to carry your device outside your personal car.

Wheelchair Lifts For SUV or Crossover Vehicles

Wheelchair Lifts for SUVs

Keep all your passenger and cargo space by transporting your wheelchair or power scooter with the Out-Sider by Bruno. You can even add the available swing-away option so you can access the back cargo area even with the lift in use. It is as easy as wheeling on to the platform and pressing a button to lift in place. Then go where you want.

Wheelchair Lifts For Pickup Trucks

Wheelchair Lifts for Pickup Trucks

 Harmar and Bruno both have vehicle lifts specifically designed for trucks. Truck Lifts have the power and flexibility to load and unload from the driver or passenger side, tailgate or curbside, standard or extended cab. There are models which can carry your device behind the pickup or in the bed of the pickup.

As always, it is very important to ask your accessibility professional to help you find the correct Vehicle lift for your personal vehicle, mobility device and to give you as much independence and accessibility as possible with your particular disability.