Stairlifts in Abilene, TX

You’ve worked hard to make your house a home. A stairlift can help you stay in your current multi-level home. If age, illness or injury has limited you to be able to use the stairs safely in your own home, we have a great option for you to consider. Would you love to still be able to use all areas of your home? A stairlift is rail system installed along your current staircase which carries a stylish comfortable seat safely up and down the stairs when you are unable to climb them. The seat folds up out of the way when not in use to offer access to the stairs for others in your home. Your home is where you are comfortable, where memories have been made, and where you want to stay.

We can custom design a stairlift for your unique stairway whether it is curved or straight, indoors or outside, or even multi landings. We carry Bruno and Harmar manufactured curved or straight stairlifts. Both companies have won international awards for their innovation in the mobility access field, and excellent craftsmanship and service. NSM is an approved dealership for these highly rated stairlifts. We, at the Abilene Texas location, are proud to be affiliated with such an amazing team. We are all dedicated to improving access to life for those with mobility challenges. Everyone, including our highly-trained installers take great pride in our work and service. We love seeing the way a stairlift can open up access to your home or business where stairs once prohibited that.

Our stairlifts are installed with minimal damage to existing construction, and can be easily uninstalled when no longer needed. They can be taken out when it is time to put the house on the market. We offer a rental stairlift program when the need appears to be short term or if you want try it out first.  The stairlifts are crated in modular pieces, making installation fast and easy to custom design for various existing architecture.  Both the railing and seating comes in a variety of colors to complement you existing décor.

Contact one of our BlueShirt Professionals at our Abilene, Texas NSM  location.  We are ready and willing to serve our surrounding neighbors. It is our highest goal to help those who face any kind of mobility challenge find new ways to have greater access to live life fully.

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