Vehicle Lifts in Abilene, TX

Texans are known for their independent spirit. That includes those with mobility challenges. Our line of Vehicle lifts can help you load up your wheelchair or power scooter and take off when you want to. AccessNSM in Abilene, Texas can help you find a vehicle lift that will work with your mobility device and with your current vehicle.  We have a great line of wheelchair and scooter lifts which can be installed by our professionals on your van, SUV, car or pickup truck.

We carry vehicle lifts by Bruno and Harmar, both of whom are widely respected  and regarded as innovators in the vehicle lift field for over thirty years. They take pride in their American-made craftsmanship and are constantly designing with the most up-to-date technology though they are also pioneers in their field. We offer both hoist and platform style lifts for your vehicle. One of our BlueShirt Professionals can help determine which model suits your needs best. Your wheelchair or power scooter can be transported inside or outside your existing vehicle, depending on the model. When it is time to purchase a new vehicle, the vehicle lift can even be uninstalled and fitted onto your next applicable vehicle, giving you longer life for your lift.

There are models designed to help you keep as much passenger and load room as possible. There are other models which make it easier for independent loading and traveling. We can even help you see if you can qualify for a mobility reimbursement program. There is even a Mobility Bundle which offers a quick and easy mobility grouping. We at AccessNSM in Abilene have a multitude of ways we can serve you.

It is our goal to help you or your loved one gain the greatest amount of movement and independence as possible. We take pride in serving veterans, and other heroes who face mobility challenges due to aging, illness or injury. We are committed to serving our Texas neighbors who use wheelchairs or scooters. We see your amazing independent spirit and would like to be part of your team to go where you want when you want.

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