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We serve residents up to 100 miles away from our Asheville location!

NSM in Asheville, North Carolina is a complete accessibility solution provider. We offer a wide variety of solutions such as wheelchair and scooter ramps, wheelchair platform lifts, vehicle lifts, bath safety products, stair lifts and much more. We provide these products for home and commercial use. Our team of professionals are highly trained to do evaluations and installation of products to allow you or your loved one to be independent in the home environment as well as the community. Contact us today for a free, no obligation, evaluation.

NSM Asheville Accessibility Solutions

Scooter & Wheelchair Ramps

Our Asheville, NC branch offer a wide variety of mobility ramps for scooters and wheelchairs. Our wheelchair ramp solutions include portable ramps, wooden wheelchair ramps, steel and aluminum ramps and many other unique solutions. Our team of professionals in Asheville can provide a free home evaluation to determine which ramp fits you unique home environment. You can expect the regions highest level of quality with our professional installation of our ramps.


Stair lifts, or stair chairs, come in many different configurations. From curved stair lifts to straight stair lifts, you can be ensured that there is an appropriate stairlift solution for your home. We offer outdoor stairlifts as well ensuring that you have adequate access to your home or business. Our Asheville team is highly trained in evaluation and installation of our stair lift products, manufactured by Bruno and Harmar.

Wheelchair Platform Lifts

Wheelchair platform lifts are excellent options for North Carolina homes and business who many not have adequate room for a longer ramp to access higher levels inside or outside of a home. Porch lifts are also very popular for accessing the home in situations where a ramp may not work for the set up of the home. These lifts come with many different set configurations that can allow you to access more areas inside and outside of your home depending on your goals.

Vehicle Lifts

NSM provides a wide variety of scooter and wheelchair vehicle lifts for cars, trucks, SUVs and vans. Our lift solutions by Harmar and Bruno allow your mobility device to be transported in a variety of ways via interior lifts or exterior lifts. We also carry a selection of unique transfer solutions including the Valet Seat which makes it easier to safely get in and out of a vehicle.  All of our products are professionally installed by our Blue Shirt professionals.

Patient Lifts

Home patient lifts allow for you and/or your loved one to safely access different parts of your home. Our lift systems assist with transfers from beds, wheelchairs, bathrooms and much more. We provide and install overhead patient lifts, floor lifts, sit to stand lifts as well as have a wide election of patient lift slings available to lift a person depending on their needs. Contact us today for a free evaluation.

Lift Chairs

Lift chair recliners come with a wide variety of lifting options and accessories. A lift chairs ensures safety in the home while providing comfort much like typical furniture. Lift recliners are great in preventing falls in the home as well as assisting in those to sit and stand from a seated position.

Door Openers

Opening a door can often be difficult for wheelchair users and those with limited mobility. We offer many different options to assist those with impaired mobility to open and closed doors with little to no effort ensuring a safe and independent environment.

Bathroom Access

The bathroom can often be one of the most difficult rooms to access in a home due to the size of the bathroom and the hazards that come along with compact, wet environment. NSM Asheville offers shower chairs, bath chairs, walk in tubs and showers and other unique transfer systems that ensures independence and safety for both you and/or your caregiver.

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