Wheelchair Platform Lifts in Asheville, North Carolina

When you need to make your home, church or business more accessible to those in power or manual wheelchairs, a Vertical Platform Lift is one of your best options.  It is like installing a small wheelchair elevator–minus the major cost and construction needed.  A Platform lift easily transports the person while still seated in their chair from one level to the next. Vertical Platform lifts are an amazing way to make your home, church, or business more welcome and accessible to everyone. Our lifts can handle elevation changes from 4-14 feet and loads up to 750 lbs. There is no need to transfer from the wheelchair and back again. The wheelchair is parked and locked in place on a platform lift which is then lifted to carry the person and chair safely up and down changes in elevation making for easy navigation throughout your home, business or public space.

AccessNSM’s  amazing  line of platform lifts are proudly made in America, meeting all ADA codes. They are crafted with expertise and care by Bruno and Harmar, the highly respected leaders in mobility aide equipment. One of our BlueShirt Professionals can consult with you free of charge to help you determine the optimum platform for your particular need.  We have platform lifts specifically designed for both indoor and outdoor use, depending on your needed application. The outdoor models are often referred to as porch lifts and are weather and skid resistant.  Both AC and DC models are available equipped with safety sensors. The vertical models styles lift straight up and down while the inclined platforms run on a rail attached to the stairs. We even have a portable platform lift which is self-contained and can be moved on wheels to different locations in churches, theaters and other large public places. Our enclosed platform lifts have attractive glass enclosures which provide a quiet smooth ride to navigate elevation changes which would otherwise prohibit access to those in mobility devices.

Our excellent team at our Asheville, North Carolina location is committed to providing the best service and products available to give North Carolinians who are mobility-challenged the most access to a full life. Our trained professionals who have knowledge of ADA standards and codes serve the entire North Carolina area. We are continually inspired by our wonderful clients. Let us help you navigate more easily through life.

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