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Our representatives at our Broadview, Illinois branch are highly trained professionals with the technical expertise required to evaluate, provide, and install stairlifts. They are not subcontractors, but are instead NSM employees, ensuring that our customers can be confident in the quality of service that they will receive. Contact our Chicago area branch today for a free consultation.

We pride ourselves in providing quality products as well as great service to all our clients. Our Broadview branch is always open during weekdays. Please do not hesitate to pay us a visit or give us a call if you have any questions.


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Straight Stairlifts in Broadview IL

Indoor Straight Rail Stairlifts

This is the most common solution for homes in Illinois due to the fact that most homes in Illinois contain straight staircases. This type of stairlift is easy to install and can usually be installed in a matter of days, upon ordering. It can also be installed in a short amount of time, relative to the others. Straight stairlifts can be made to fit any kind of straight staircase, no matter the height, and come in a wide variety of carriages from different manufacturers. You are bound to get something you like, no matter what your taste.

Curved Stairlifts Chicago Area

Indoor Curved Rail Stairlifts

Curved stairlifts are usually custom ordered to fit staircases that cover more than two levels. They are a little more complicated than straight stairlifts and are typically custom ordered, requiring a more advanced installation than straight stairlifts. Our team of professionals is fully trained and well-equipped to handle the installation of this type of stairlift. They can also install a custom version to suit the needs and tastes of the customer. All of our professionals are NSM employees, not subcontractors. We always send our employees out to do installations in order to give our customers peace of mind, knowing they will receive the high quality that NSM is renowned for.

Outdoor Stairlifts

Outdoor stairs are among the most challenging routes of access to buildings for people in wheelchairs, as well as people with other disabilities. In some cases, a simple outdoor ramp will do. However, this may not always be an ideal solution, depending on the height of the building as well as the nature of the terrain leading up to it. In such cases, an outdoor stairlift is the perfect solution. The major advantage that comes with an outdoor stairlift is that the customer can choose from an extensive list of different designs and carriages to find one that suits them best. The stairlifts are custom built by our trained team of Blue Shirt professionals to meet the needs of customers trying to access their homes or building via porches.

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