Straight, Curved and Outdoor Stairlifts in Charlotte, NC

The common use of stairs in homes and public places goes relatively unnoticed by the average person until a disability, illness or aging makes even the simplest flight of stairs an impassable obstacle. NSM’s Charlotte, North Carolina location takes great pride in their innovative line of stairlifts which enable those with mobility challenges a way to overcome those steps. The most advanced technology of Bruno and Harmar Stairlifts offers many different designs for the stairs in your home or business. If you have straight or curved staircases, or you have indoor or outdoor stairs, we have a solution that allows safe and easy access to every level.

Stair lifts are also called Chairlifts or Staircase lifts. Since every single staircase is different, we custom design just the right fit for your particular home or place of business. We use computerized measuring and design to match your unique grade and specifications. Our highly-trained Blue Shirt Professionals are ready and willing to come meet with you for a free consultation to configure which design best suits your existing architecture. The rails are professionally installed along the topside edge of the stairs. A self-contained carriage carries a stylish chair up and down the rail, offering a safe, smooth ride. Our stairlifts are powered by rechargeable battery so it’s safe in the event of a power outage. They can be fit for a short series of steps or for several landings of stairs.

The outdoor stairlift models offer access from the ground level down to lake or river piers, or up to the front door or deck. The outdoor models are powder coated, ready to match any color, and are durable in almost any weather conditions. The indoor stairlifts are also available in colors to blend with any décor. The chair folds up when not in use to allow optimum use for the stairs.

NSM is on mission to give more access to those who are challenged in moving through life. We want to offer as many ways possible for you to move freely through life so you can explore all you can do, instead of being hampered by what you can’t do. Our dedicated Blue Shirt Professionals would also like to meet with churches, offices and businesses so more public places can provide better access to those who cannot navigate stairs. Contact us for a free consultation.

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