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Here at NSM, we have always held a strong belief that our clients should have unfettered accessibility to different areas of their homes, vehicles, and various public and commercial spaces. We do this through providing various accessibility devices, including stairlifts, wheelchair lifts, vehicle lifts and other accessibility products. We ensure that they are all safe and make our users comfortable. We currently happen to be America’s fastest growing accessibility devices company and aim to be an umbrella shop offering products that fulfill all of our customers’ needs while also giving unmatched services and support. Our products also span different price points, ensuring that customers with different budgets can find something they might like in our inventory. We have been around for 3 decades, and in that time we have installed thousands of accessibility devices in our clients’ homes. In the process, we have given them a deep sense of independence in their own homes and on the road.  Our products match our customers’ every need. The evaluation, installation, repair and maintenance of these accessibility devices is done by our competent team of Blue Shirt professionals. These are factory trained employees who maintain NSM’s high quality standards and ensure customer satisfaction. We have a complete selection of mobility scooter ramps and wheelchair ramps from portable to modular designs.  Rentals are also available. If you have any questions, or would like a free consultation or quote, please do not hesitate to contact us or visit our New York City branch today.

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Wooden Wheelchair Ramps NYC

Wooden Wheelchair Ramps

Wooden wheelchair ramps are highly affordable without sacrificing stability, safety, and durability. They are made from pressure-treated strong pine and have a natural and aesthetic look that blends seamlessly into natural settings. They are great for both indoor and outdoor use.

scooter and wheelchair ramps NYC

Steel Wheelchair Ramps

Steel wheelchair ramps have a grounded and stable look that accurately portrays just how reliable they are. They can carry mobility devices of all weights and sizes and are both safe and stable. They are also durable and likely to serve the user for many decades to come.

New York City Aluminum Wheelchair Ramps

Aluminum Wheelchair Ramps

Aluminum wheelchair ramps are our most premium wheelchair ramps and combine strength, stability, safety and durability with a sleek, modern, look and a lightweight design. They are built using a mesh design that allows liquids to seep through, thereby preventing little puddles from forming on the ramp.

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