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Nashville is not only known for its role in music, but it is also highly acclaimed for its strides in the medical field. We at NSM are committed to doing our best to help Nashville and all of Tennessee become highly rated for its accessibility for those with any type of mobility issue. There is an ever-growing part of our population who require a wheelchair, power scooter, walker, cane or crutches to move through life. The cause may be from an injury, trauma, stroke, progressive disease, genetic disorder, war wound, or simply aging. There are many tools to help make life more accessible for you or your loved one.

Our Accessibility professionals are on mission to help you find new solutions for easier access in your home, school, church, business or public place. Our national network teams up with the most respected accessibility manufacturers along with our huge staff of highly experienced professionals to provide the most innovative products—and we have a great local branch to serve our neighbors in the entire surrounding Nashville area.

We offer many choices in our great lines of wooden, steel or aluminum wheelchair ramps, straight or curved stairlifts, automatic door openers, hoist or platform vehicle lifts, power lift recliners, patient lifts, and Bath Safety Accessibility products. Our professionals offer no obligation consultation to assist you in where you need to begin to make your private home more accessible, how you need to prepare to age in place, how to make you school or church more handicap accessible, how to make your business more disability friendly, or with any other questions you might have.

Call our local Nashville location. Fill out our easy contact form. Chat with us online. We are honored to serve you and see how we can find solutions to make your life easier to move around in. We would love to hear from you!

NSM Nashville, TN Accessibility Solutions

Nashville Wheelchair Ramps

Wheelchair Ramps

We carry the highly-acclaimed National Ramp line. They are crafted with great pride in America in modular pieces. These Wheelchair ramps are available in natural wood which can be stained or painted, heavy duty powder-coated steel, or no maintenance open mesh aluminum. We custom measure and design to meet all ADA standards and codes. Our wheelchair ramps are quick to install and offer great service and safety.


If you have stairs that limit access for those who can no longer navigate the stairs, a Stairlift could be the solution you need. Our Nashville professionals can install a straight or curved stairlift on your indoor or outdoor stairs. An attractive chair transports you smoothly and safely up and down a rail system installed along the top edge of your existing stairs. Ask about our platform lift that carries a wheelchair in use on the rail. We even have a rental program.

Wheelchair Lifts

Another possible solution for making existing stairs in your home, school, church, or place of business accessible is one of our many Wheelchair Lifts, sometimes referred to as Wheelchair elevators. These Vertical Platform Lifts are like a mini elevator which gives the person in a wheelchair a ride up and down levels. They take a small amount of floor space and require very little change to your structure, but offer a great way to grant access to those using wheelchairs.

Vehicle Lifts Nashville TN

Vehicle Lifts

Nashville citizens love their cars. We can help fit your new or existing car, van, SUV or truck with the proper hoist or platform Vehicle Lift so you can load and transport your personal mobility device to take with you wherever you want to go. NSM carries Harmar and Bruno models that can be used to take your wheelchair or scooter inside or outside your vehicle. It can even be reinstalled on your next applicable vehicle. Ask us for more information.

Nashville Bath Safety

Bathroom Access

Bathrooms can be the most difficult rooms to maneuver in. They can also be the most dangerous and challenging. Our Nashville professionals can evaluate your bathroom area to see what modifications are needed. We offer everything from Grab Bars, walk-in tubs, transfer seats, shower chairs, hygiene lifts, and more. Let us help you find solutions to make your bathroom more accessible, safer and perhaps even offer more independent use.

Nashville Patient Lifts

Patient Lifts

Our Nashville NSM professionals want to prevent injuries. One of the greatest risk of injuries to both patient and caregiver is upon lifting or transitioning the patient. The proper Patient Lift can help solve this critical issue in your private home, at your school, or in any type of medical facility. We carry overhead, portable, bariatric, hygiene and all types of therapeutic patient lifts. We are committed to lowering needless injuries.

Nashville Lift Chairs

Lift Chairs

We love our Power Lift Recliners! They are available in choices of color and fabric and are found in up to ten sizes to fit each person. The power controls can lift from sitting to standing or change to multiple reclining or sitting positions. The user can easily and independently change position with the touch of a button. These luxurious recliners offer great support and durability. This will be your favorite chair for years to come.

Nashville Door Openers

Door Openers

Our Open Sesame automatic Door Openers make it possible for those who find it difficult, if not impossible, to open and pass through a door without help. Just a press of a button opens the door and holds it long enough for a person to pass through before closely slowly behind. They can be installed on interior or exterior doors in your private home, school, church, or business to make life more accessible for those with mobility challenges.