Scooter Ramps

How do you make your home, school, church or place of business more accessible to the growing number of mobility scooters?  NSM carries wheelchair or scooter ramps for every need and price range. As always, we are dedicated to making it easier for those who are mobility challenged to gain more access to life. That’s why our Blue Shirt professionals are willing to come to make a personal evaluation of your property and needs at no cost or obligation. We hope to help those who move through life with the assistance of a scooter find the right solution via scooter ramps.

               We offer economically-priced wooden scooter ramps, manufactured by National Ramp, that are high quality yellow pine. Wood offers a warm natural touch which can be treated or painted to blend with the architecture. The steel scooter ramp offers long-lasting strength and endurance. Our aluminum scooter ramps have unmatched safety using a special open mesh design which allows snow, ice and rain to drain off quickly. All wheelchair and scooter ramps are custom created to fit both ADA standards and the layout of your personal property and needs.

NSM even offers small threshold ramps for your scooters to lie over doorway thresholds, sliding doors, and short raised landings making it much easier for a scooter or wheelchair to go over those troublesome bumps.

Check out our line of scooter ramps which help get your scooter or wheelchair into your van. We offer portable ramps which can be folded and taken with you to use in your vehicle or another landing, along with ramps that attach permanently to your van and fold out. NSM even offers wheelchair and scooter ramps for rental when the need is temporary.