Stairlift Installation for the Elderly

Are you looking for a stairlift for the elderly? Perhaps you or your loved one has arrived at that time in their life where the stairs can no longer be climbed. Maybe you are preparing your own home to age in place so you don’t have to move from the home you love and have invested in. A stairlift can be an easy answer for indoor or outdoor stairs. It is worth checking into this possible solution for granting access to bedrooms or offices on the second floor, basements, raised entries, upper or lower deck areas, steps down into the garage or sunken rooms. Wherever there are stairs of any kind, a stairlift can open up that area for those who are not as young as they used to be.

A stairlift consists of a low-profile rail system that is installed along the wall or rail of your existing stairs. A powered carriage unit carries a comfortable stylish chair effortlessly up and down the stairs. NSM carries Bruno, Harmar and HandiCare Stairlifts giving you quite a selection to choose from. There are exterior Stairlifts available which are made to withstand the elements but still give you a lift up and down stairs.

The seats come in an array of fabrics and colors letting you have your own style and a color that blends with your particular décor. The seats also fold up out of the way when not in use allowing for more space for other foot traffic. The smooth glide has soft starts and stops with a backup power source in case of an outage. They are available to custom fit any curved, spiral, multi-landing or straight staircase.

Ask about a rental option for straight Stairlifts. We can even install a platform that is carried up and down the rail system so someone seated in a wheelchair can easily go up and downstairs. Our experienced accessibility professionals at NSM can help you find the perfect solution to solve your indoor or outdoor stair problem. No matter the age, everyone deserves a way to move easily through life.