Valet Seat for Cars, Trucks, SUVs and Vans

Bruno Valet Seat

When it’s difficult or impossible to get in and out of your vehicle, NSM carries the incredible Bruno Valet Seat to help. This powered seat can swivel out and lower down so you can easily sit down. Using the remote power control, you then raise the seat to pivot back in place. Models are available to fit most cars, trucks SUVs or vans. This amazing seat is perfect for any adult weighing up to 330 lbs. or a special needs child who would otherwise require back-breaking lifting.

The remarkable Valet Seat can be installed on the driver side or passenger side. The power settings allow it to slide forward or backward and even to recline. It is equipped with a footrest  and armrests to add another setting of comfort. You can even add heated seating to the Bruno Valet Seat.  The original seat that came with the car from the factory is removed and untouched so it can be reinstalled when it is time to resell the car. The Valet Seat can even be reinstalled in your next new vehicle giving you even longer value. The beautiful design comes in a variety of colors to match the interior of your vehicle. It meets all safety standards including child safety. A vested seat belt is available for those who need extra posture assistance. We also carry a wide variety of scooter and wheelchair vehicle lifts to easily transport you mobility product outside or inside of your vehicle.

The Valet Seat makes getting in a vehicle much easier. That’s what we are committed to at NSM—helping those with mobility challenges find better ways to move through life.  Contact us today for a free evaluation.


Featured Bruno Valet Seat Video